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123Helpme Review First View

The academic writing market has some really impressive services and some controversial ones too. 123helpme is one such service that offers completely prepared papers that meet with your assignment needs. You can choose the essay you need from the pre-written work at 123helpme website.

Is 123helpme the right choice for your essay needs? One way to verify the safety and efficacy of this site is to read the 123 helpme reviews. This 123helpme review will help you know about the various features, services, and benefits this essay company provides and whether it delivers what you are looking for.

123HelpMe Services

At the outset, 123helpme does not provide custom writing services. Papers provided by the site are for research purpose only. Basically, you can get the inspiration or ideas you need for your essay from the various samples provided here.

So let us see the services 123 helpme provides:

Resources provided here include essays of various categories, including research papers, term papers, speeches, and more. There are seven main categories of essays at 123helpme, which include free, good, better, stronger, powerful, term, and research essays.

To find the topic of your choice, you have to use the search feature present at 123helpme.com. This will help you find the right topic you want.

The service also has a color-coding feature to help you gain a good idea of the level of quality you can expect from the paper. The green color indicates research papers, purple is for strong essays, yellow is for better essays, and aqua is for term papers.

You can access the papers only by buying them. One of the vexing factors about 123helpme is you cannot use the essays you buy from the service. Many 123helpme.com reviews mention the same fact.

The original writer of the essay will own the rights to the paper. So, you can use the work for research only and cannot submit the work as a complete assignment. Moreover, most reviews about this essay service claim that a majority of their essays are fake.

123 HelpMe Pricing

The pre-written samples can be accessed only when you pay for them. This is utter nonsense since the company asks for money without providing any service. It only has pre-written essays. You have to register with the service even if you need to read their essay samples, which needs a paid subscription. The company calls it free but that’s not the real case.

Once you register and do the 123helpme login, you will have to choose from the various subscription types namely:

  • One month paid subscription – $30
  • Three months paid subscription – $60
  • One year plan – $10 per month

After payment of the required amount, you will be given unlimited database access and you can use the essays, term papers, and other services offered here. According to 123 helpme reviews, earlier the service had pricing based on color-coding, which has now been changed to the subscription form.

123HelpMe Discounts

123helpme.com does not offer any bonuses or discounts. If you are looking for any discounts on the prices, you are in for a disappointment as the site does not offer any such promotions except for the invite code.

The invite code offered by the firm does not provide much of a discount as it is a random feature that will give access to only certain papers, which may or may not be what you are searching for. However, the long term subscription is an economic one when you compare it with a single or three-month plan.

Other features

If 123helpme reviews are to be believed and from what we could observe of the various services offered here, the essays are not very impressive. The color-coding does not help in finding the right topic or quality you need.

But, some of the papers are certainly up to the quality. One redeeming feature is the provision to preview a document before you buy it so you can know whether the content is relevant for you.

However, once you buy that document, you’ll find that their so-called ‘full-version’ of the essay is not much longer than its preview. They just make it seem like they have thousands of essay samples in order to get customer subscription.

Conclusion for 123Helpme Review

After our detailed 123helpme review, we do not recommend this service because of several reasons. Firstly, we perused many of the essays and concur with 123helpme.com reviews that a majority of them are works of students that have been donated for free.

Thus, the website actually uses these donations to make money and does nothing else. They take your money for nothing without any guarantee for good quality. And, unsubscribing from their services is very difficult. At the end of your subscription term, the service automatically renews it.

So, you need to be careful about the subscription. Even if you need just one essay, you will have to pay the entire month subscription for using it. 123helpme.com website mentions free essays, which we could not find in our search.



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My personal experience with 123helpme was horrible. Do not trust this site.


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I did not like the coursework from 123 help me. Ended up editing it myself.

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