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24houranswers is not your ordinary writing service. Scratch that – 24 hour answers is not even a writing service. This is a tutoring website and a rather peculiar one. They provide academic help, but not the kind we’re used to. They won’t write your papers. Apparently, this isn’t the place you go to for paper writing and projects. The only thing you can get here are answers to your questions and tutoring sessions.

As interesting as it sounds, we haven’t found many great comments about the company to mention in this 24houranswers review. The website has a low reputation with those who have used it, and not much of a popularity as they claim to have. Even so, this didn’t stop us at creating our 24houranswers review for you.

24houranswers Services

There’s one service that is offered here – tutoring. Apparently, you need to send in a request in the form of a question to get their 24-hour homework help. When you do, you’ll get bidders who are willing to tutor you on the topic. You can choose the price for this service, the time for it, as well as send your request in the form of a file.

This, however, does not guarantee that you’ll find a tutor to respond to your request. If you do, it’s your task to discuss the details and determine if the tutor is the right fit. Considering the many bad comments about the tutors’ qualifications from customers, you definitely want to check the tutors carefully before paying them money for their assistance.

Interestingly, all the tutors listed in their Tutors page have amazing ratings. This doesn’t fit our findings at all, which must mean that the service uses such data as a fraudulent marketing trick.

24HourAnswers Pricing

You won’t really know the price to your tutoring session at 24houranswers until you’ve agreed on one with your chosen tutor. They do give a pricing range that tutors must bid within – $15 to $45 per hour. When we applied with a homework question, hoping to see what the bidders will do, we got only 3 bids that ranged drastically. One was for the highest price and one for the lowest, while the last one was for $28 per hour.

We chose the averagely priced tutor because he seemed to have the best rating from the three. Even so, the tutor was nothing as it was presented on the website. We wouldn’t call him an expert since he came absolutely unprepared to our online tutoring session. He didn’t know our answers and didn’t really help. In fact, we’ve checked the answers beforehand to be sure, and he gave us some really inaccurate ones during the tutoring session.

24 Hour Answers Discounts Policy

There aren’t discounts at 24houranswers.com, and understandably so. No bidding company has those since you have to arrange the pricing and schedule the session with the tutors who bid on your order. This gives you a chance to determine how much you’ll spend on a session, though we couldn’t say that this is a cheap service to begin with. If the tutors were as qualified as the website said, it would make a fine bargain to choose a bidder on this website. But, considering how insecure the site is because they don’t check their tutor’s background, the pricing is quite steep for a student.

Other Features

There aren’t any other features on the website. You can have the online tutoring session on various browsers, as well as agree on a specific time with your tutor and provide him with your materials to check before the session begins. This would perhaps be a much safer option if you choose to purchase a session, though we did it and it didn’t really work.

One interesting page on the website is the homework library. This is a place where you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions in homework. However, the price for each of them is often really high. Some answers cost at least a $100, which makes this a really high priced service. The simpler answers cost around $15-$20 each, which isn’t cheap at all considering that they can easily be found online.

Conclusion for 24 Hour Answers Review

So far, we’ve never reviewed a company that offers such tutoring assistance or charges students a small fortune to give them ready homework answers. The idea behind the website is great, but the fact that they don’t really vouch for the quality of their tutors is really bad. It’s risky to spend your money here since the tutors are said to be average and bad by many students who have tried it.

As a matter of fact, knowing what we know now, we would say that the site doesn’t even check their tutors before allowing them to bid on your homework order.

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