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Buyessay.net is a writing services provider. They offer a vast range of academic papers for high school, college and university students. Their main website contains very little valuable information. For example, they do not present their writers profiles with all their academic degrees. There is also no instant chat option available, where you could quickly inquire about services, prices, etc. 

Buyessay.net provides a few samples of academic papers. We have checked these samples, and they contain too many mistakes. There is also plagiarism available within the papers, and the essays do not have an annotated bibliography page. If the quality of the papers offered reflects the quality in these samples, we can say that Buyessay.net is not the best writing service out there. 

Buy Essay Services Overview 

In order to provide you with a reliable Buyessay.net review, we have thoroughly tested the entire service. From the website and up to the services provided, we can present to you everything you need to know. Unfortunately, they do not enlist their services offered in a well categorized manner. Instead, we found out about these services by checking them out in the available online calculator, from the drop-down menu.

The services offered include: Essay writing, Formatting, math problems, Movie reviews, multiple choice questions, personal statements, power point presentations, proofreading, paraphrasing, rewriting, thesis writing, copywriting, tutoring and cover letter writing. 

In this Buyessay.net review, we can also tell you that the services offered are laid out in a chaotic manner. We simply cannot understand how a writing service can offer tutoring solutions or copywriting. These are services that should be offered by top skilled professionals such as teachers or copywriting specialists. 

Buy Essay Prices Overview 

Our unbiased Buyessay review will present to you the prices charged by this service. We checked their prices page, and here are some of the costs: 

  • High school level writing- the cheapest option. Prices start at $12.95 per page and can go as high as $36.39 per page for a 3-hour deadline.
  • College level writing- their most popular option. We can disclose to you in this Buyessay review that the most popular type is college level writing on a deadline of 7 days, and the cost is $19.01 per page. We consider this cost very expensive, meaning that you need to pay at least $200 for a 10-page essay and you have to wait for it one week. 
  • PhD level writing- their most expensive option. Prices start at $23.60 per page and can go as high as $47.04 for a 3-hour deadline. For 24 hours deadline, the cost is $37.86/page

We hope this Buyessay review can really make you understand that the prices charged are very expensive. We really wanted to see prices that can fit the limited budget of a student. 

Discounts Overview 

Unfortunately, this service does not offer any proper discounts and bonuses. We checked thoroughly their entire website, and indeed Buyessay does not offer a first order discount, scale based discounts or loyalty bonuses. We know from experience that the best writing services always offer at least 15% first order discounts, and scale based discounts of 5%, 10% or 15%. The best out there even offer 20% discounts for first or second time orders. 

Buyessay offers some guarantees instead, such as promising top quality papers, originality of the papers, respecting deadlines and money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the quality offered, Buyessay will refund your money. At least this is what they say. 

Quality Level 

We placed two orders with Buy essay, so that we can thoroughly check on the quality provided. Unfortunately, they missed our deadline by 24 hours and the quality provided was not the best. The first essay contained two phrases that were plagiarized, and the editing was nonexistent. In the second paper, we noticed that they did not follow our instructions and guidelines. They did not include some of the citations required and the title pages were missing in both papers. 

Buy essay provided us with low quality papers. Only a few phrases and ideas in the paper were good, but the rest of it was very low quality. We could not use these papers to hand them into the teachers or to use them for in-class presentation. 


After thoroughly reviewing this service, we can conclude that we do not recommend them. If you are looking for good quality academic papers at prices that you can afford, Buyessay cannot help you with that. The quality offered is low and the prices are too expensive. You cannot ask any question via chat because they do not have the instant chat option. We highly recommend that you should further look for a reliable service that offers the quality that you need. This company also does not provide any good discounts, so you cannot save any money with them. 

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