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For anyone who is looking for the services of a cheap essay writing site, Cheap Writing Service may seem like an ideal choice. Judging by its name, you may think that the site offers essay writing services for an affordable price. However, as life has taught many, you should not judge a book by its cover. 

Cheap Essay Writing Service knows what exactly drives the market – people, especially students, pick out writing services based on affordability. While Cheap Essay Writing Service may provide you with the most inviting price rates on the market, you also need to expand your attention to other aspects. In this case, for a cheaper price, you will also have to face exceptionally bad service and receive a low-quality paper. 

Below, we have written a review of what we think about the site’s writing quality, ordering process, customer support, and overall professionalism. You can read more in this Cheap Writing Service review.

Cheap Writing Service Services Overview

The creators of the Cheapwritingservice.com site have made absolutely no efforts in making the site look a bit inviting. This is quite evident by the organization of the content and the overall design of the platform. Cheapwritingservice.com does not even have the standard service page. Alternatively, you can look at the calculator to gain an idea about the types of services available here. 

Some of the services that most reviewers could salvage include:

  • Essay
  • Term paper
  • Research paper

According to a lot of Cheap Writing Service reviews, the platform does not include the ‘Other’ option, which is seen in a lot of other top-quality writing services. It is understandable that if a certain writing company does not even try to provide you with all the available options like information about its writers, etc., the chances of you receiving a top-notched paper gets very low. 

A certain customer wrote in his Cheap Writing Service review that he used the platform’s services due to the cheap price rate. However, he was extremely disappointed by the quality of the resulting paper. 

CheapWritingService Prices overview

Yes, Cheap Writing Service definitely scores when it comes to prices. The services are provided for cheap. For a high school paper with a deadline of a week, you will be charged $8, which is one of the cheapest rates on the market today.

On the other hand, you need to shell out $60 if you are looking for a Master’s level paper within a deadline of 8 hours. As compared to many other writing services, the prices are very low and pocket-friendly. 

The overall price depends on a lot of different factors, like urgency, the number of pages, and the difficulty levels. Many Cheap Writing Service reviews stated that the prices quoted by the site are decent enough for students to get their work done; they can afford these rates without problems. However, is the quality of their work justified for the price they charge? We shall explain this aspect in the coming sections.

Discounts Overview

Unfortunately, the site does not provide any type of discount to its customers. The prices could have dipped much lower with these discount codes. In turn, this could have helped students get more work done. Many reviewers claimed that the non-availability of such discount codes was, in fact, a huge disadvantage, especially for people who are looking to get their work done in bulk. 

Apart from this, Cheap Writing Service does not even offer a type of loyalty program. If you become a loyal customer of the writing service, it is natural that you would expect some type of reward for using the site. However, it is quite sad that Cheap Essay Writing Service does not provide a loyalty program. 

Quality level

It is normal for you to be worried about a site that offers to do your essays for cheap, especially when it comes to the quality of your paper. You will find a lot of writing companies that set up unrealistic and unusual price rates for written content; these are usually the same scam companies that most people complain about. With the help of very low-price rates, they attract customers into purchasing their services and end up delivering low-quality, plagiarized, and/or no paper, even after the last date of the deadline has passed. 

Several online reviews stated that Cheap Essay Writing Service provided them with extremely disappointing results. Some of them received papers so badly that there was no scope for improvements and revisions. Others had their papers written in poor English with silly grammatical mistakes. Moreover, the papers had copied content from other sources. 


From the cheapwritingservice.com review above, it is quite understandable that cheap pricing is not the only factor that determines how good the writing company is. While the prices were very low, the overall services were quite disappointing, to say the least. 

The site has a limited list of academic papers. Apart from this, the writers that work on the orders are very bad and seem like they are not native English speakers. The customer care agents are horrendous and not available most of the time. 

When it comes to quality, there are high chances that you will receive your papers that are grammatically or factually wrong, plagiarized, or even both. The low pricing does not justify the poor quality of the work done here. Therefore, if you are looking for a cheap writing site, it is recommended that you look somewhere else.

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