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According to the site, Customwritings.com only hires native writers. But, this is not what’s said in Custom writings reviews. Customers seem to be complaining a lot about the quality this service offers. After we ordered there to write this Customwritings.com review, we realized that there is truth to this. The writers employed here are probably not native writers, or at least, they aren’t really qualified to meet all ‘’customers’ paper needs’’. 

If you’re interested to learn more about this cheap company, you should keep reading this Customwritings.com review. We will tell you all there is to know about their offers, their deliveries, and their service. 

Customwritings Services Overview 

Customwritings.com has created an excellent service list. This was the part of this Customwritings review that made us believe the company really has a lot to offer. They actually offer it all – writing and editing services, proofreading and project creation. On the website of Customwritings.com, you’ll be able to order essays, term and research papers, dissertations, theses, reports, reviews, presentations, programming assignments, etc. 

Their papers are offered to every imaginable academic level. They have papers for everything from high school level to PhD level. Interestingly enough, the factors for charging students do not include the paper type. It means that regardless of what kind of assistance you need, the price will solely be determined by your deadline and your academic level.

Some companies we’ve reviewed have had this system, but it doesn’t cease to surprise us. How can a company offer dissertations and essays at the same price?

Custom Writings Prices overview 

Speaking of prices, this was probably our favourite part about this Customwritings review. This company has unbelievable prices. They are attractive to customers because they go below $10 for a page. But for us, they are unbelievable because it’s hard to believe they hire native writers and are able to charge such fees. In all cases where we’ve reviewed great companies, the prices were at least a couple of dollars higher because of the writers’ expertise. 

The lowest prices you can get at Customwritings range between $10 and $26 based on the level you choose. These don’t have the same deadline. For high school and undergraduate 1st and 2nd year students, the longest deadline is 2 weeks. For the higher levels, there’s a deadline of a month to which the lowest prices are applied. 

When it comes to the short deadlines, the tightest deadline option is 4 hours. To our surprise, this option is available for graduate and PhD students, too. It’s impossible to perform the necessary research to write a quality dissertation in such a short time, but the company has chosen to offer this service to their students.


There are discounts at Customwritings, but it is quite hard to learn what these are. You have to reach out to them and tell them what you need to get a discount code. The discount page that’s accessed from the bottom of the homepage will also mention a first-time coupon for one free page for new customers. But, when we reached out to them, they said that this coupon is no longer valid and that they don’t have a discount offer at the moment. 

It seems that they do have occasional discounts, but you have to reach out to them to ask for any available offers. You must also install their app to get notifications, which sounds like too much of a hassle to go through to get this important information. We don’t see why the company feels like they have to hide their discounts. 

Customwritings.com Quality of services 

If Customwritings offered such an excellent quality and worked with only native writers, we don’t see why customers would mind asking for a discount. It does take time before you get a response which is not ideal if you have a tight deadline, but it would still be fine considering that their prices are good to begin with. 

However, the quality at CustomWritings is less than acceptable. Their writers are definitely not experienced or dedicated, and we got the feeling that we’re reading a paper from someone with poor English skills. The paper had some plagiarism (27% of it), but the bigger issue were the mistakes. A lot of the content was impossible to understand and we could not even find a way to edit it. 


Custom Writings is not a reliable company. Their prices are decent, but they make you go through all this fuss to ask about discounts. To see if you are eligible for one, you have to write to them and wait for them to respond. In our case, it took them two hours to respond, which would cause any student to leave the site. Not to mention, the quality we received afterward was a complete disaster. All this combined made us rate this company poorly.

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