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KillerPapers Overview

KillerPapers is an essay writing service that works on the bidding principle. It’s similar to other bidding services: you fill in a form to submit a project and you interview bidders to choose your writer. Then you wait for the paper. But there’s a difference: at this time, you pay as soon as you choose your writer. Unlike other bidding sites, KillerPapers is a pre-paid service.

That’s not a big problem when you know you’re getting good quality. But you don’t know. I tested the service and as it turns out, the writers aren’t qualified to write papers for students. They randomly bid on topics they have no idea about. Their goal is to get the gig and get paid. Once I paid, it was impossible to get my money back.

Killer Papers has a consumer rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars and this sounds great, but let’s see if this is true in our review. But let’s go step by step. I completed this Killer Papers review to tell you what to expect.At first let’s start from services overview.

KillerPapers Services Overview

The list of services offered is not impressive, but I found a few pleasant surprises there.

  • Custom essay writing is the main type of service. The writers can bid on orders for all kinds of essays.
  • Essay editing is also available. However, the explanation of this service says that the writers will give their honest opinion and feedback. They tell you what to fix. They don’t exactly edit your paper.
  • Coursework is a general term, but it’s available here. You can practically order any kind of paper under this service.
  • Speeches, PowerPoint presentations, and discussion posts are available.
  • The writers complete resumes and cover letters with a starting price of $49.99.

The service that surprised me was online tutoring. I didn’t find any KillerPapers reviews with feedback on this, but it’s a nice service to see on the list. You can hire a tutor and talk to them via Google Hangouts or Skype.

KillerPapers also offers study sessions and study plans based on your notes.

The list of services looks good, but is Killer Papers legit?

KillerPapers Prices

You won’t find clear prices for KillerPapers essays. This is no surprise, since it’s a bidding service.

To find out what the average bids are, I created a profile and submitted an order here. That’s a great inconvenience. You first need to register, and then you can access the order form (from the role of a client).

Not many writers applied to my project. It’s not because it was challenging. I asked for a simple history essay. The problem here is that there aren’t many writers.

The lowest bid was $70 for a 3-page essay with a deadline of 10 days. That’s around $23 per page. It’s not an affordable price when you compare it to other services.

Killer Papers Discounts Overview

Most bidding services don’t give discounts, but this one does. If you subscribe to the mailing list, you’ll get exclusive discounts. These are codes that give you $5 or $10 off the full price. Although the discount is minimal, it’s still highly appreciated.

The problem is that I don’t like getting spam in my inbox all the time. When I want to order a paper, I like choosing a website and getting the discount right away.

As soon as I registered for this service, I started receiving email messages every day.

Other Features

I already mentioned the online tutoring service, which is a nice refreshment in the custom writing industry. I’d love seeing other agencies including such services in their offer.

But I haven’t seen any positive Killer Papers reviews on that service. If you’ve used it, feel free to share your experience in a comment below. Personally, I won’t risk it. It’s a prepaid service. After the experience I had with this company, I will not pay for anything at that website again.

I received a paraphrased paper and when I complained about it, the writer responded that it passed plagiarism detection engines so it’s not plagiarism and I had no right to complain about it. Remember: you aren’t getting unique content at this website. It’s a writer with below-average skills rewriting the first page from Google results. For this price, you can get much better content at other sites.

Conclusion for Killerpapers Review

I liked this service when I first saw it. It had a nice list of services and it looked promising. But the KillerPapers writers aren’t trained to complete academic content. From the messages I exchanged with the bidders, I realized that most of them weren’t native English speakers. They apply to any order just to get the gig. They don’t do it because they are passionate about writing. They aren’t knowledgeable on the topics.

The content I received was terrible and I never plan to hire this agency again.



21.01.2020 at 15:57 Reply

I thought I’d save money with Killerpapers but I ended up reordering from another site.

Gilbert N.

21.01.2020 at 15:58 Reply

I don’t think Killer papers paid serious attention to the revisions I needed.


28.01.2020 at 10:50 Reply

In addition to their low rating I’d like to add that they’re unprofessional. I got blocked by their Instagram page simply because I liked a civil comment that disagreed with the owner. How unprofessional do block potential customers.

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