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There has been a tremendous rise in the number of online writing services that have sprouted in recent years. However, with the sheer number also come the sharks that look to swindle you off your money. One such company is Masterpapers. Though their offerings are quite attractive, their work itself is sub-par and students usually end up being disappointed that they ever chose this company. 

In this Masterpapers review, we delve deep into the features and aspects and find how they fare in them. Furthermore, we shall also be taking a cue from various student testimonials to find what the company’s reputation is like. So, without further ado, let’s get to theMasterPapers.com review.

MasterPapers Services

Although the overall design of the website is quite clean and orderly, the menu looks like a mess. Those looking to find the list of services will find a long list of academic assignments that they offer without any categorization. In essence, these are the most popular services offered here:

  • Essays
  • Assignments
  • Dissertation
  • Thesis
  • Speeches
  • Lab Reports
  • Research Paper

Other than the aforementioned services, Masterpapers claims to help students with unusual projects such as social media content, blog posts, online job applications, and web content writing. All such fancy options would have been welcomed if it weren’t for the paltry writing. 

The website claims to hire writers who either have an MA or Ph.D. degree. Though one can never know for sure whether this is really true, the overall feedback of the customers points to the fact that it is only a marketing scheme and nothing else. Student testimonials and other master papers reviews indicate that the writers engage in plagiarism from time to time. Furthermore, they rarely stick to the guidelines provided by the student and end up making thematic errors and silly mistakes. 

MasterPapers Prices Overview

The price range at Master Papers starts from $12.27 per page for a high school paper with a 20-day deadline, and reaches up to $44.58 per page for a Ph.D. paper with a 3-hour deadline. The price depends on the academic level, number of pages ordered, and the deadline chosen. Though it is not the most expensive range that we have ever encountered, it is not terribly cheap either. 

There are a few issues that need to be highlighted that might enable us to judge why their writing levels plummet so often. The fact that they offer a 3-day deadline for a Ph.D. level paper is beyond us. The only way anyone, even one thoroughly qualified in a given field, can write a Ph.D. paper under 3 hours is if s/he copies blatantly from an external source. There doesn’t seem to be any other alternative to that. 

The only silver lining for this section is that the company allows students to pay in 6 different currencies. This means that the company offers its services to students outside of UK and US as well. Payment can be made via PayPal, Discover, and all major credit cards. However, given their reputation we suspect international students would be a little wary of the company. Those who do take the leap of faith and order from them can spend an additional $4 to get updates on your orders and track them conveniently. 

MasterPapers Discounts Policy

The discount system is a little different from what most companies offer. It works on a bonus system in that a portion of every order gets transferred to your account. For the first order, 10% of the quoted price makes your way to the account, while subsequent orders only generate a 5% of the quotes price. The total sum in your account can be used at any time to be used as a discount to bring down the order price. 

Masterpapers say that they do provide additional bonuses from time to time but do not give any specifics as to how often and how much. There are no coupon codes or promo codes that work with this company so there is no point searching for them. 

Other Features

Now, let us talk about all the additional features and aspects that constitute masterpapers com. For starters, they have a money-back guarantee. For users who have ordered less than 20 pages, there is a 14-day refund period, and for those with more than 20 pages, a 30-day refund period is in order. The same time-frame is given for the revision policy. 

As with most aspects, the problem is found in execution and not so much with the features themselves. The writers and editors at the company are simply not professional enough to provide A-grade work, or to make corrections when asked to. That is why the general sentiment regarding this company is a negative one. 


If you’re looking to order from Masterpapers.com, let us warn you beforehand – you will not get your money’s worth. We wouldn’t even recommend this company to our worst enemies. Yes, there are a lot of features present here that make it look like a professional online writing company. However, their work ethics and content is well below industry standards which sure won’t help any student improve his/her grade. 

Everything from quality, to pricing and discounts, to additional content is flawed in one way or another. We would recommend that students take their money elsewhere and do not give Masterpapers a chance to entrap and scam them. 

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