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Today, you will find a lot of online writing companies that provide you with expert services, like proofreading, editing, copywriting, and essay writing. This way students no longer have to spend a lot of time on writing down a simple essay; the time saved can be used on family and friends and/or working experience. 

Most of these writing services that exist are quite legit. All you need to do is place your order, pay for it, and your essay will be ready before the deadline. The only problem that remains is finding these legitimate writing services. You will find a lot of scam companies that will steal your money and give you the worst essay in return. 

One such site is My Custom Essay. The site has been deemed as one of the worst writing services on the market today. In this My Custom Essay review, we will go through some aspects that make it one of the most low-rated writing services today. 

My Custom Essay Services Overview

When it comes to services, the site does have a decent collection to offer. You can browse through some selection of subjects and different writing styles. Some subjects that are covered here include:

  • College assignments
  • IB essays
  • Creative writing
  • Admission essays
  • Custom coursework

Subjects like business studies, nursing, and law are covered here as well. The writing service also covers various styles of writing, like dissertations, book reports, and essays. While all of these may sound nice, why has the service overview scored average? This is because the writing staff might be stretching themselves too far, according to many mycustomessay review posts. 

This is not a good thing for the customer because if the writer gets too out-stretched, he/she is bound to make mistakes on the final draft. As a result, you might end up with a poorly-conceived essay. 

Additionally, My Custom Essay has some more services, like revisions, proofreading, title page, and bibliography. 

Mycustomessay Prices overview

The overall pricing of your written essay will depend on what you are ordering. A simple college essay would cost you $48.90 with a deadline of 10 days and for a Ph.D. paper with a deadline of 24 hours, the rate can go well above $60. For editing the paper, the minimum sum is $11.70 and $9.95 for proofreading.

When you compare it with other online writing services, this price range is too much. Most students are broke and cannot afford to spend this much amount of money on an essay. Hence, they mostly end up looking for other options. Even on the lowest academic scale, its base margin is higher than some of the expensive services!

Additionally, the quality of their papers does not justify their prices. Overall, the papers are poorly conceived and written, which makes you wonder why would you spend so much money on something that you can do yourself better. 

Discounts Overview

Unfortunately, Mycustomessay does not offer any discount codes. This is indeed sad, considering the fact that the site is already so expensive. The site also does not provide a scale-based or seasonal discount. This means that even if you place an order of more than 100 pages, you will have to pay the entire amount. 

Discounts are very important to students because they will be unable to afford such expensive fees. In a way, it is a good thing that Mycustomessay.com does not offer any type of discount or loyalty code. You will be saved from the resulting poor-quality paper that you will inevitably receive. Instead, you can look for a more pocket-friendly writing site that will provide you with a much better result. 

Quality level

According to most mycustomessay review posts, most people had a less-than-forthcoming reaction to the quality of the essays that came back to them. Almost all of them had lots of grammatical and formatting mistakes in them. Additionally, some of the content was plagiarized directly from popular sites like Wikipedia; not even a small amount of effort was put in to remove plagiarism. 

When speaking about grammatical issues, the mistakes were very silly, which proves that their writers are non-Native speakers. Their writers are obviously not qualified, which directly affects the quality of their content. 

Apart from the overall quality, some reviews also showed that My Custom Essay submitted their essays way past the deadline. Thus, on Mycustomessay, you are at risk of receiving poorly-written essays, at times even after the deadline.


From the above My Custom Essay review, it is a better idea that you look for some other writing service site that will provide you with better customer experience for a far better price rate. One of the site’s major downfall is its pricing and discount. While the pricing is already sky-high, the non-availability of discounts makes it even more difficult to extract bulk work.

Even if you agree on paying this exorbitant price rate, Mycustomessay is unable to deliver the high-quality standard that you would expect. Since you will have to shell out extra for getting the proofreading and revision done, it will cost you a lot more than what you would have expected. 

It is better that you look for some other writing site that offers a decent quality work at a nominal price rate, rather than Mycustomessay.com. The site is almost a scam and you will never get the value of your money here.

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