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For a writing provider that offers ‘top-grade essays all the time’, the Papernow reviews are really contradicting. This company is seemingly a very popular, very established one. But, if you have the experience with such services and do at least a couple-minutes research outside of the website, you’ll find out that this is a very unpopular company among students.

This is the first thing we do when we evaluate writing companies, which definitely started our Papernow review on the wrong foot. But, we never give up on a service before we’ve seen everything they offer, which is why we continued our research and wrote this review. Keep reading for more details.

Papernow Services

The amount of work invested in creating the website of Papernow is impressive. They have created pages for everything, describing different paper types and how they complete the orders. There are literally a couple of pages that speak of essay writing and these aren’t even part of their blog.

But, if you stop to read at least some of them (there is simply too many to read them all), you’ll discover that they are all vague and really, really repetitive. It is as if the company has created a vast amount of content throughout their pages to perhaps rank higher in search engines, or make it seem like they have a really established website.

This is a pity, especially since they already have a really good service list. It has everything in it, for every level and every student. This is one of the few things we liked about Paper Now. Soon after this, our disappointments with the service began.

PaperNow Prices

Now this is the part that really annoyed us. Before we reviewed this company, we reviewed a service with exactly the same service price and, imagine this – the same price list. They didn’t even change the table order or design, so we are pretty sure at this point that it’s the same company trying to sell more papers through multiple websites. Just check the features of this website and compare them to samedayessay.com. We immediately noticed the similarities, especially since these are two of the very few services that offer deadlines of 1 and 2 hours.

You can hardly find this anywhere else. The pricing list consists of a wide range of prices for all kinds of papers and academic levels. It’s not exactly what you’d call cheap, but it’s considerably priced. For example, an essay for high school level costs $11.33 per page for a deadline of a week. The same essay costs $19.87 for Master’s level and $21.96 for PhD level.

Naturally, the short deadlines always come with the highest prices. A high school essay within one hour costs $37 per page for high school level up to $48.51 for PhD level. However, you should not be really optimistic about their short deadline options.

This service, as well as the other one we mentioned, has a terrible reputation for meeting short deadlines. We simply don’t understand why they’ve decided to offer such an option if it kills their reputation so drastically.

Papernow Discounts

Unlike the other company, this one doesn’t have the same bonus system. Some reviews mention that the support handed them a discount upon request, but a rather minimal discount. The only real discount offered here is the one for new customers, which is the same as the other company’s offer – 15%. Not many students choose to become the regular customers of this company due to the delays in delivery and frequent reports of plagiarism issues. But, if you do decide to become one, the lack of loyalty program or at least a bonus program is quite a disappointment.

Other Features

There aren’t any other features we found on the website that are worth mentioning. Despite the huge amount of content that would take you hours to go through, there aren’t any useful tips for writing, a blog with quality articles, or additional features that would make your academic life easier. This would be okay if the company provided the quality they promise, especially since you can hardly find another service willing to take an order with a deadline of an hour. But, since they frequently miss such deadlines, what’s the point?

Conclusion for PaperNow Review

Papernow.org was disappointing to us in many ways. Firstly, we’ve discovered half way through our research that this is one more website from the same service. All the sites that share the same pricing tables and service lists and are obviously the same have similarly bad reputation.

Secondly, the company is known for two really bad things – delays and plagiarism. They do offer a great short deadline option, but since they have such issue, we don’t see many students ordering from the company more than once.



16.07.2020 at 19:37 Reply

I am extremely disappointed with Papernow. They delivered a paper full of spelling and grammar errors.


17.07.2020 at 17:24 Reply

Paper Now ignored my requirements completely. When I asked for changes, they started to ignore me.

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