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Delivery Speed




We have reviewed a lot of writing websites but until this point, Paymetodoyourhomework is the first service where you don’t have to sign up and create a profile to order. All they request is your payment and information about your paper, which you have to provide prior to getting the actual quote.

All of this is confusing and more than just slightly concerning. Firstly, it made us realize immediately that in our pay me to do your homework review, there won’t be any loyalty programs or discounts worth mentioning. If you can’t create a profile here, you can’t really be treated like a returning customer. Secondly, the pay me to do your homework reviews are seriously bad online, which isn’t the case on the website, something that indicates that the site is not trustworthy about the information it provides.

PayMeToDoYourHomework Services

Nothing is truly specified on the website, so we had a hard time trying to find a full services list. Even at this point, we are still unsure about what exactly you can get here. What we know is that they have several categories that include: writing, quizzes, tests, assignments, full courses, full degrees, and online classes.

As you can notice, some are rather strange and too vague to understand, such as the category called ‘full degrees’. We had to ask for some kind of an elaboration about what this encompasses, but we never got our answers.

It suffices to say that pay me to do your homework has a lot to do when it comes to their website. The only thing that is clear is that they help with homework on any subject, as well as complete quizzes and tests for customers. If you want something different or more specific, you can always try and request it in the order form. After all, that’s the only way to get the quote.

PayMeToDoYourHomework Prices

This is the hard part, the reason why this Paymetodoyourhomework review turned out to be a real hustle for us. There’s no way to know how much your current or future order will cost you because they give a quote on every order you make after you provide all your information.

What we can do is tell you that, in our case, we received a fine quote, one that isn’t very low. In fact, without any discounts of any kind, it can even be said that the quote was high, maybe too high for at least half of the student’s population. The quote exceeded $20 for a page and according to the support or whoever gives the prices, this included a discount. How truthful this is, you can never know since you get the quote this way.

Discounts Overview

As we found out right from the beginnings, there are no discounts here. This is extremely disappointing, something that kills the odds of a student choosing this service over some of the high-rated ones. Almost every writing company gives some kind of a special offer to a returning customer. And while this service claims to do the same when you ask them for a quote on a second, third order – you can never know if you are really getting a discount without knowing the price firsthand.

Other Features

There aren’t as many features as you’d expect from a writing service here. In fact, the only features you might be granted here are the ones you ask for. When we were filling the order form, we were asked to provide detailed information about what we need so that they can give us a quote. Here you can ask for anything you want and, when they are ready to reach out to you with a quote or to get more information about your order, you will see if they can deliver what you need.

Our order went smoothly in terms of the product we required, i.e. they asked for no additional information. However, it took them a few hours to come up with a quote, which wasn’t really as inviting as you’d think. And when we received the paper, we weren’t really pleased with its quality either.


We don’t see many viable reasons why we would recommend this service. Their service list is vague and strange, and you can never learn the whole list of things they offer. You have to ask to see, but you also have to ask for the price, which is both frustrating and time-consuming. Time is a luxury most students don’t have, so this process of theirs surely pushes aside many of them.

This is not even the biggest issue. The prices might be acceptable since they are in the average range, but there aren’t any discounts at all, not even a loyalty program. When it comes to quality, this company is average in this sense too, ergo its low reputation on the market.

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