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A-Writer Overview

A-writer is a college paper writing service that we actually received a request from a student to review. According to their website, they offer the following premium writing services:

1. Essays

2. Term paper help

3. Research papers

4. Custom essay writing

5. Writing service

6. Dissertation writing

7. Other academic writing services: high school, bachelor, associate, masters and doctorate writing services.

Generally, they provide writing services for academic texts and documents of all types. The essay writer service provides academic writing services and allows you to get a writer who is an expert in your subject of interest. Just like some other writing services on the internet, A-writer also offer 100% confidentiality for client’s personal information, as well as secured and encrypted processing of orders.

A-Writer Service Prices

A-writer bases its pricing system on the urgency of your custom paper writing needs and the quality of the writing you want, which is either standard or premium quality. The prices also vary based on the type of writing service you want to pay for (essay, term paper, research paper, thesis, coursework and dissertation). Since we hired A-writer for an essay, we will be focusing our review on their essay pricing options.

awriter pricing

For an essay with ten-day deadline which is the highest deadline, the standard quality costs $22.99 and the premium quality costs $25.99. This is a sharp contrast to the 3-hour deadline pricing option where you have to pay $46.99 for standard quality and $49.99 for premium quality. However, their prices are reasonable and affordable. If you don’t want to pay an expensive price for your essay, you should consider the low urgency option.

premium prices a writer

A-writer offers 25% discount to new customers on their first orders. Although there’s no dedicated webpage for discount, you can claim this discount at the homepage before making your order. We consider the inconspicuous discount as the only flaw on their website. Another spectacular feature about A-writer is the fact that you can also enjoy discount as a regular customer. They have membership discount applicable to orders above $30.

Other features of A-Writer 

We evaluated the response time of A-writer customer support agents and noticed that their response is relatively fast. We used the chat option to contact the customer support and received a reply from an agent in less than 10 minutes. The agent answered all our questions and attended to our request without delay. Aside the live chat option, you can also reach A-writer customer support agents via email and a toll-free line. We spoke with one of their agents via the toll-free line. This shows they don’t deploy robots to answer your calls, unlike some websites.

We made an order for a three-day deadline essay of standard quality and paid $26.99. Regardless of our deadline, we received our essay 24 hours before it was due, which was a pleasant surprise. For the standard quality essay order, we had expected a generic essay which would be well written but not particularly impressive. On the contrary, we received an impressive essay. The writer did a great job and from the quality of the essay, we could see that A-writer has excellent essay writer service and their writers are experts and experienced at what they do.

A-writer also has a free plagiarism checker for checking if their essays are plagiarism-free and original. We didn’t want to rely on their checker, so we checked the essay via an external plagiarism checker and the essay was 100% original just as promised.

A-writer also allows you to talk directly to your writer when you hire a writer on the website. This will allow you monitor the progress of your essay and also make your contribution. They also offer a good variety of custom academic writing services to the advantage of students who may want to hire essay writer on the website.


We ordered a standard quality compare and contrast essay at $26.99 with a three-day deadline and got our essay a day earlier than it was due. It was well-written, proofread and it passed our plagiarism test. We also had the opportunity to converse with a friendly customer support agent and got quick replies. 

For us, all these things make hiring A-writer a great option, because we received excellent academic essay writing service from this essay writer service. They definitely have one of the best college paper writing service online, judging by the quality of the essay we received for standard quality.


Lisa Kinney

24.03.2019 at 20:31 Reply

I’ve been ordering different papers here for a year now. I working and studying, but this service helps me everything to be done on time. Once I forgot to write my essay and, thanks to the service, in 4 hours I send it to my professor. The other time they helped me with my research paper. The topic was difficult with their help I got the best mark. I know that I could trust them all of my paper works. They have good writers, support and prices are not bad. Thank you for your help!

Daniel M. Paulsen

31.03.2019 at 17:08 Reply

Usually, I’ve been doing everything by myself but due to the family circumstances, I had no time. The requirements for the research task that I need was very strict and specific. I googled and decided to use this service. The result I received was beyond my expectations. Everything was done very professionally. The writer considered all the specific requirements and do an excellent job. My professor liked it. Thank you and special thanks to the amazing write

Betty Wallace

01.04.2019 at 17:17 Reply

Usually, I do not trust such services, but I had a lack of time to write my essay. So I decided to make a try. I chose this website coz it had great reviews. Actually, I did not expect a lot but in my case, it would be better than nothing. But the essay I got was pretty good. Writers team are professional and work completely satisfied me. The price was a bit higher than I expected, but after all, I am so thankful I could send it to my professor on time and got the A for it. I think I’ll get back to you!


22.07.2019 at 13:32 Reply

I really like my experience with A-writer service. The only issue was writers forget to add one point to my essay. However, we sorted this out in the end.


16.07.2020 at 19:19 Reply

A-writer is a professional team and I am 100% satisfied with their service. They are responsive and professional.

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