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Many students looking for help with custom essay writing and college papers might turn to SuperbPaper. Claiming to offer professional-grade essay writing help from High School up to PhD levels, SuperbPaper might seem like a good option for those needing a little assistance with term papers, essays, reports, and more.

The company boasts a 96% customer satisfaction rate and highlights other positive-sounding statistics right on its homepage to attract new customers, but is SuperbPaper legit or is it all a big SuperbPaper scam you should be worried about? This SuperbPaper review aims to answer those questions.

We took a thorough look at this essay writing service, reading through SuperbPaper reviews from past customers as well as placing an order of our own to get an authentic impression of what SuperbPaper was really capable of. Read through our SuperbPaper review to get the full low-down on this essay writing site.

SuperbPaper Services Overview

So what kinds of essay writing services and help can you actually get with SuperbPaper? Well, this company claims to provide professional assistance with a huge range of paper types across a vast and varied spectrum of subjects.

From admission essays to critical thinking pieces, case studies, research proposals, presentations, speeches, term papers, and creative writing texts, SuperbPaper offers quite a large range of possible services for its customers to choose from

It lets users select from a wide range of academic levels too in order to get better quality papers, with the following options available: High School, College, University, Master’s, and PhD.

In terms of subjects, SuberbPaper again boasts a lot of variety. Whether you’re looking for a term paper on law or a research paper on a biological experiment, you can request a lot of different subjects and disciplines when ordering your essay with Superb Paper.

Users are also able to make special requests and give direct instructions to their writer, as well as choosing from various citation and reference systems like APA and Harvard. Clearly, there are a lot of options with SuperbPaper, but the actual quality of the services provided has proven to be lacking in our own experiences, and those of other customers.

SuperbPaper Prices Overview

The pricing system with SuperbPaper is one of the company’s weakest points. If you want an absolutely base-level, High School essay delivered within a few days, you’ll be paying $15 per page. If you want to upgrade the quality of the paper to PhD level, however, you’re looking at $35 per page.

If you happen to need something at the last minute, you can be paying up to $58 per page for a standard essay, and then Superb Paper charges quite high fees for its additional services like a plagiarism report, which should really be a standard feature for this kind of service, or ‘High Priority’ customer support.

Discounts Policy

You might be thinking that you could save some cash on essay writing by using a SuperbPaper promo code or coupon? Well, Superb Paper promo code deals do exist, but they’re very rare.

It’s almost impossible to find a Superb Paper discount when ordering with this company, meaning you’ll have to pay full price time and time again for the essays you order. This definitely leads to a more negative experience for the customer and it’s a shame that SuperbPaper doesn’t make a bigger effort to help users save cash.

Special Features

So what kinds of other features and functionality can Superb Paper offer to try and compensate for its poor pricing structure? Well, in addition to its many different essay services, Superb Paper also offers proofreading and editing, which many of its competitors don’t provide. It also gives you quite a few options in terms of formatting your essays with references, line-spacing, and more.

If you’re looking for customer support, however, you’ll be disappointed with SuperbPaper. The company claims to have a 24/7 support service, with teams available on live chat and over the phone to deal with any queries or issues you might encounter. In reality, however, it’s actually quite hard to get in touch with SuperbPaper and get any real support for the problems you may have.

Summary for Superbpaper Review

Overall, we have to say that this service simply cannot be recommended. The range of services provided is one of the few positives of Superb Paper, but the actual quality of the work provided is often disappointing, with many users claiming that the papers they received from this company simply weren’t up to the standards they required. In short, if you want good quality essays, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Not only that, but the pricing system for Superb Paper is very underwhelming, contributing to our overall negative view of this essay writing service. The distinct lack of any kind of Superb Paper promo code or discounts brings the whole package down further, and the individual page prices are very high when compared to some of the competition, leaving us with a mostly negative view of this service.

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